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Speeding up the development of scalable web applications

At Propel Tech, we speed up the development of scalable web applications with Node.js.

As an experienced Node.js development company, our expert web developers have extensive experience in JavaScript development and can advise on the web development tools and frameworks needed for your project.

Node.js’ ability to run on the server as well as in the browser help speed up development. It is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks with access to Node.js modules and reusable components, making for easy web application building.

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Our Node JS development services

We offer a bespoke range of Node.js development services. Come partner with us:

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Develop a new Node JS app

Collaborate with our team to craft a leading Node.js application. From concept to launch, we transform your ideas into robust, scalable, and feature-rich applications that resonate with modern audiences.

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Modernise a Node JS app

Revitalise your Node.js application for optimal performance. Whether it's about enhancing functionalities, improving UI/UX, or incorporating the latest features. Our team will modernise your existing app to meet current industry standards and surpass user expectations.

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Rescue a Node JS project

Encountering challenges? Let us rescue your stalled or troubled Node.js project. Our skilled developers assess, troubleshoot, and rejuvenate projects, ensuring they get back on track swiftly.

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Access Node JS resources

Partner with us to access dedicated Node.js developers, tools, and frameworks tailored to elevate your project. Make your development journey easy with our comprehensive Node.js resources and support.

Why work with our Node JS developers?

The Node.js developers and services we offer are available for as little as the cost of developing a single application:

Node JS expertise

The Propel team are seasoned developers with a wealth of experience in crafting robust, scalable, and high-performing applications. We bring a blend of skill and innovation to every project.

Partner with us

Collaborate with our Node.js developers to bring your ideas to life while optimising costs. Experience exceptional development services without compromising on quality or budget.

Bespoke development strategies

Our Node.js developers tailor solutions to fit your specific needs, ensuring that your application aligns seamlessly with your vision and requirements.


Our Node.js developers are cost-efficient, accessible, and budget-friendly. Benefit from top-tier expertise at a cost that aligns with developing a single application.

Other technologies we work across

Our team develops apps and solutions using a variety of technologies. Platforms and tools we use at Propel include:

Delivering the right business outcomes

With its ability to handle huge numbers of simultaneous connections we use Node.js to build fast, scalable network applications. Some of the common uses include:

  • Chat – a real-time multi-user application
  • Queued inputs – queue high levels of concurrent data to write to the database later, without slowing down the responsiveness or the collection of data
  • Data streaming – Node.js makes it possible to process files while they are still being uploaded
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Systems modernisation and improvement

  • Audit existing system
  • Streamline, fix and improve
  • Extending functionality
  • Improving speed and efficiency
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Your partners in possibilities

As experts across existing and new technologies, we don’t simply solve software problems, we find solutions that help manage change so that your business thrives and grows.

We’re eager to hear about your project goals and turn them into reality. Get a free consultation to make tech possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Node.js is not a framework, but rather a runtime environment that executes JavaScript code on the server-side. JavaScript, the language used in web development for both frontend and backend, is the foundation for Node.js. It allows developers to write server-side scripts using JavaScript, enabling scalable and efficient backend operations. Unlike frameworks, Node.js provides an environment for executing JavaScript outside the browser, empowering developers to build server-side applications using the language they already know.

Choosing between PHP and Node.js depends on specific project requirements. PHP, a server-side scripting language, is renowned for its simplicity, wide support, and robust community, making it ideal for web development, especially content-heavy sites like blogs or CMS platforms. On the other hand, Node.js offers non-blocking I/O and scalability, excelling in real-time applications and handling concurrent requests, suitable for data-intensive apps or real-time collaboration tools. Consider factors like project complexity, performance needs, existing skill sets, and desired functionalities when choosing between PHP and Node.js for optimal development.
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