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Bespoke software development

Delivering the right bespoke software solutions

For almost two decades we have been delivering as a respected bespoke software development company, with a proven track record of efficiently delivering tailored solutions to businesses across numerous sectors. Our expertise spans new and existing web and mobile applications, platforms, and cutting-edge products.

The Propel Tech approach to custom software is open, honest and grounded in a detailed understanding of our clients' businesses, unique drivers, and specific requirements. This in-depth knowledge empowers us to craft bespoke software solutions that not only streamline existing processes but also optimise operational efficiency. Doing so, we help organisations develop and use software to gain a competitive edge, driving profitability and sustained success in their industries.

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We collaborate with a diverse array of industries, joining forces with businesses to facilitate their growth through our software development services.

Bespoke software development services

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Web application development

Our team of bespoke software developers can design, build and launch bespoke web applications, platforms and products all to the exact specifications and all with the power to help your business thrive and grow.

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Mobile app development

Our team of expert app developers can create bespoke cross platform mobile apps that are user-friendly and designed with the flexibility to scale, develop and adapt in-line with your business needs.

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Systems integration

We provide integration services to connect applications for seamless communication between all areas of your management system in order to improve efficiency and productivity.

Advantages of bespoke software

There is a wide range of reasons why organisations opt for a bespoke approach:

User expectations

Bespoke software services can help a business keep up with evolving user needs and expectations to provide better customer experiences with technology.


We develop bespoke software solutions to replace existing systems that are no longer fit for purpose with more efficient solutions that meet current and future needs.


Investing in bespoke software development services can replace unreliable systems that negatively impact productivity and cost businesses time and money.


We can reduce complexity and streamline processes with bespoke software to ensure software applications integrate and work together effectively.


As business requires change, new bespoke software solutions are needed to evolve technical capabilities in order to efficiently scale and grow, whilst retaining a competitive edge.

Our approach to bespoke software development projects

We are experts in bespoke software development, offering comprehensive support throughout your project's lifecycle. Whether you require assistance strategising your bespoke software system or the technical expertise to build and deliver it, we have the resources to support you. Our end-to-end bespoke software development process lets us meticulously plan and design the ideal system tailored to your unique business needs. From project inception to successful delivery, we work flexibly to your requirements and where required we manage every aspect, ensuring a seamless experience and resource where you need it. Post-launch, we ensure your technology continues to deliver by extending your team and providing dedicated maintenance to keep your applications performing optimally.

We provide software consultancy services to define objectives, gather requirements, and scope your project to produce functional and technical specifications. We can design and build a prototype and proof of concept for your new software. Likewise, we are equally happy to develop bespoke solutions to your pre-defined brief and requirements. No matter how you decide to use our services, we will provide the software development solutions your business needs to operate effectively.

Agile software development

Agile software development ensures that your project is delivered on time, on budget, with a swift return on investment. It sees us taking a flexible approach that delivers results faster by having the ability to continually move forward by dealing with change as it happens. This approach to planning and improvement includes constant work and status updates with agreed milestones set along the way so everyone knows where a project is and it maintains momentum. This is backed by the ability to respond without delay if some part of it needs changing, for example, certain features don't achieve the desired outcome.

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How we work

We have our own unique way of working. Our clients like it, and we hope you do too:


A certain way of working might work for one business, but not another. We fit around your processes and take an approach that allows us to become an extension of your existing team, working alongside you to get the best results.


We work in open collaboration, which means there are no hidden costs and timings are clear from start to successful finish.


We’re techies, we’re also a friendly down-to-earth bunch who understand the benefit of working face-to-face. This is why none of our team are hidden behind closed doors.

Highly experienced

We’re proud to have a strong track record as a bespoke software development company, having worked with a diverse range of different clients across an equally impressive range of sectors.

Delivering the right business outcomes

Whether you’re looking for end to end bespoke software development services or technical implementation against a predefined scope of work, our developers will deliver software systems that help achieve your business goals:

bespoke software transformation

Digital transformation

We develop bespoke software to support wider digital transformation initiatives that support businesses and users alike. Find out how we can support your business's digital transformation programme.

bespoke software modernisation

Legacy software modernisation

As experts in both old and new technologies our software developers can help modernise and integrate your struggling legacy systems. Find out how we help modernise your existing legacy systems.

bespoke software project rescue

Software project rescue

Our developers can rescue your failing software project and deliver a bespoke solution that meets your business and user needs. Find out how we can help rescue failing software projects.

bespoke software resources

Dedicated developer resource

If you want total control, we can provide dedicated developer resources to work as part of your team. Find out how we can extend your team with dedicated developer resource.


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  • A scalable B-2-B focused web-based portal
  • Improved customer experience and customer management
  • Improved efficiency and reporting by automating services
  • Reallocation of valuable resources to be used elsewhere
  • Greater control and transparency end-2-end
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Other software development services

Your partners in possibilities

As experts across existing and new technologies, we don’t simply solve software problems, we find solutions that help manage change so that your business thrives and grows.

We’re eager to hear about your project goals and turn them into reality. Get a free consultation to make tech possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bespoke software development differs from off-the-shelf software in its custom nature. While off-the-shelf software is pre-packaged and designed for a broad audience, bespoke software is uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs of a business. It provides full customisation, ensuring it fits perfectly with existing processes, scales as the business grows, and integrates seamlessly with other systems. Businesses have full ownership and control over bespoke software, allowing ongoing adjustments and enhancements.

Propel Tech works collaboratively, we determine your business's bespoke software needs through a consultative process. We start with an in-depth discussion to grasp your objectives and challenges. A needs assessment helps identify areas where custom software can be most impactful. We collaborate closely with you to gather detailed requirements, set the strategy, plan the project, and create prototypes. Our development team builds the software to your specifications, followed by rigorous testing and seamless deployment. We provide training and ongoing support and always value your feedback.

User testing and feedback play a crucial role in bespoke software development, at Propel Tech we advocate testers being involved from project inception - this means that testing considerations are never an afterthought but “baked in” to our strategic approach. User testing adds a second level of testing and ensures rigour in our software development. During user testing, real users interact with the software to identify usability issues, functionality concerns, and areas for improvement. Their feedback helps uncover unforeseen challenges and ensures the software meets user expectations. This iterative process allows us to refine the user experience, enhance functionality, and address any issues promptly. By incorporating user feedback, we create software that is user-friendly, efficient, and tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, resulting in a more successful and satisfying end product.
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