Systems modernisation and improvement

  • Audit existing system
  • Streamline, fix and improve
  • Extending functionality
  • Improving speed and efficiency


Simply Washrooms have been creating safe and sustainable working environments for over 20 years, serving over 4,000 commercial spaces to a tightly planned schedule, they manage ongoing and ad-hoc requirements across air and surface sanitation, and waste removal across standard, clinical and specialist waste. 

With a nationwide service fleet, the ability to centrally create, store and manage compliance documents whilst was vital.  

Simply Washroom's existing document management and storage system required lots of manual intervention, double-checking, and it even had to be supported with traditional pen and paper logging. 

The business needed technology to improve the efficiency of their documentation creation, and they needed a fail-proof solution that worked on the move, could streamline operations, factor in lots of variables, deliver accurate logging, and was easy to use. 

“We needed to make sure that we are really accurate in what we do because of the nature of dealing with lots of commercial buildings, having different service schedules, and different frequencies of critical services that we carry out.”


Propel Tech spent time understanding the full needs of the business, then got to work auditing the existing document system end-2-end. Propel Tech discovered that large parts of the source code in the system had been lost, and sections of the AWS infrastructure were deleted creating log jams, systems errors and data voids.

To right this, Propel Tech set out a streamlined plan to begin fixing and improving the infrastructure. Simultaneously, Propel Tech planned in areas of modernisation to deliver improved functionality; this included the creation of an automated system for the creation, management and storage of critical Waste processing notes - a task that had previously required high levels of manual intervention was now fully automated. 

Propel Tech developers rebuilt the entire serverless infrastructure and code, solving each issue or question as they came to it, and overcoming key blockers with Lambda AWS. Propel Tech worked with third parties to integrate API technologies to ensure frictionless functionality.

"The project required ongoing problem solving, for example; to resolve database connection limits we worked at speed to detect all issues and map all possible solutions, this ensured we considered all scenarios - we then future proofed the issue using an SQS queue."

Charlie Brinicombe - Software Developer


Simply Washrooms now has an effective real-time end-2-end system that is relied upon to keep teams moving, resources tracked, vital documentation logged and customers happy.   

The web interface and automated back-end functionality are now seamlessly integrated, managing client needs in real-time, and allowing for easy upload, storage and sharing of important data from one central storage point. 

The effective system modernisation has saved Simply Washrooms thousands of man-hours of manual checking, document management and logging, this has not only improved customer satisfaction but it has freed up internal resources to focus on customer services rather than document logging, tracking and management. As their trusted technology partner, Propel Tech now provides ongoing support for the system.

“Since Propel Tech launched the new system it has been bombproof….every time we've used it. We manage multiple tasks and resources, store and process thousands of waste processing notices every week with ease.”

Andrew Shelley - Operations Director - Simply Washrooms


  • Project rescue
  • Web applications
  • Software Maintenance
  • Ongoing Support
  • System integration
  • Testing
  • Software Modernisation


  • AWS
  • Node JS

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