React Native development

Cut your mobile app development time and cost by half with React Native

Our expert mobile app developers use React Native to build fresh and innovative cross platform mobile apps with great user experience, quickly. It’s estimated that React Native enables 90% code reuse across iOS and Android mobile platforms, meaning development effort could be halved. That's more than enough to make it a worthwhile development choice for maximising ROI.

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Delivering the right business outcomes

We have harnessed the power, speed and flexibility of React Native for a number of client projects. We've also extended the framework with our own packages, now used on some large-scale projects.

Multiple software development platforms - including React Native were utilised to deliver a centralised eCommerce portal delivering football game booking, statistics and results for leading sports and leisure brand, Powerleague.

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Cross-platform development speeds up delivery and revenues

  • Easy access to pitch bookings and site information
  • Enhanced cross-selling products & services
  • Simultaneous development for iOS & Android devices
  • Powerleague's online revenues tripled!
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