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Mastering change to thrive and grow

Change is the only constant. It drives the need for digital transformation, rethinking how your business uses technology and processes to continuously evolve and keep up with changing demands.

We help businesses manage change and become more efficient by finding the right possibilities, using new and evolving technology to achieve digital transformation enabling you to thrive and grow.

As digital transformation brings endless possibilities it can look very different for each business. We can support your particular digital transformation journey, understanding your specific needs and focusing on the right things to transform to move your business forward.

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Challenges we overcome

Changing resource demands

You feel unable to keep up with the change required to meet evolving needs and technological advancement. You need specialist expertise and additional resources to help define and deliver digital transformation for your business.

Changing competitive pressure

Competitors are exploiting opportunities, new ways of working, and providing better customer experiences with technology. You're losing out to more tech-enabled organisations, so you need to adapt to remain competitive.

Changing customer expectations

Customer needs have changed, and they expect better ways to interact and more efficient experiences. You need to update and align your services and delivery to those evolving expectations.

Changing business requirements

Your business is expanding, and you are outgrowing your systems and processes. You are unable to grow your business due to these failing systems. You need to adapt to evolve and remain efficient.

Our digital transformation services

We can help you on your Digital Transformation journey in a number of ways:

Digital audit

We review how your business uses technology on a day-to-day basis, performing health checks on the systems and processes you currently have in place. This will identify the starting point and how they align with your business goals. The resulting gap analysis will highlight the difference between the present and future, determining the solutions which are right for you and the journey you will need to take.

Digital transformation strategy

We develop strategies that make the right business and technology possibilities happen, working as a hands-on team that gets involved with your business to develop an in-depth understanding of your goals and the role of technology in achieving these.

We start with the business problem not the technology, whether you need to find new ways to deliver to your customers or to improve inefficient internal processes. Our digital strategy experts work to find and bridge gaps, developing a digital roadmap to drive more efficiency, value, and competitive advantage, enabling your business to move forwards.

Solution design

We look at technology through the lens of long-term possibilities and short-term business needs, always balancing what is possible now and what is possible in the future, whilst focusing on improving business operations and ensuring technology is solving problems. We recommend the right technologies to meet your needs, maintaining your existing applications and legacy systems where appropriate. Our experts embrace bespoke, SaaS and hybrid solutions to design the system architecture and integrations that will enable your business to master change and mitigate risk. Proof of concepts and prototypes are utilised to test the feasibility of proposed solutions, helping you create a business case for technology development and create consensus amongst stakeholders.

Solution implementation

Although delivering software solutions is a major part of our services, implementing the solution with the right technology for your business is equally important. We are experts in software deployment and recommend solutions that give you secure, scaling and high availability hosting all whilst ensuring we meet your ongoing budget requirements.


We are a proactive team who are with you for the journey. We will work by your side to deliver ongoing support and proactive problem solving. We can provide ongoing optimisation of your systems, offering incremental updates, making improvements and solving issues.

"Propel have been our trusted partner through a challenging, disruptive, all-encompassing and ultimately successful project. Propel were involved with our full process - scoping, design, develop, test, launch and support.

Bringing the added, partner resource to our internal team meaning we, the IT function, can provide a service to the business which ultimately benefits our auction clients."

Alex Pugh - Head of Business Systems

Our approach

Digital transformation can mean different things for different businesses, so we always tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. Whether you need help to shape your digital transformation strategy or support to deliver certain aspects of a defined plan, we will guide you through your digital transformation project whilst making the process stress and hassle free.

In order to fully support your organisation, we get to know your business, your team, your challenges and your goals. We understand the solutions to your business challenges will be more nuanced than just technological. Replacing one IT system with an upgraded one, whilst it will provide improvement, may not be the best solution for the specific challenges your business is facing. Our services are designed to take you through a process that ensures we start with the business problem not a pre-defined solution.

Successful digital transformation can take time, but we will ensure the process is incremental, sustainable and cost-effective.

Modernising existing systems

Low risk, incremental transformation

It can be a tough decision to replace and update core legacy systems which are still supporting vital architecture. There are many things which can go wrong, and the risk seems high. However, as experts in both old and new technologies we can help modernise and transform your struggling legacy systems to meet changing demands with continuous evolution. We can minimise disruption through incremental implementation, rigorous testing and ongoing support.

Delivering new digital products and services

Set the pace in your market

Our experts deliver a range of software services to make your digital transformation a reality. We can develop new software, help you find, customise and implement the best SaaS solutions and ensure seamless integration between all your systems. We have a dedicated testing team that makes sure everything is perfect before the solution is deployed. And because we are a partner for the journey we can provide ongoing support and maintenance for continuous improvement.

Featured Case Study

Delivering a £1,000,000+ saving

  • An 18-month project, delivering a seven-figure saving within 2.5 years
  • Improved client feedback - proofing cycle can be completed within minutes instead of days
  • Immediate website corrections and legal updates
  • Option for 100% internet-based auction
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