E-commerce Software Testing Team Augmentation

  • Software testing services for a global b2b e-commerce portal
  • Augmenting the client team with key testing skills
  • Testing strategy development and roadmap delivery


Mi Hub is a leading global workwear manufacturer and supplier with a large multi-national corporate customer base. Mi Hub’s primary e-commerce platform plays a pivotal role in its customer interactions, serving as an always-on retail and customer service hub that operates around the clock, delivering thousands of interactions and presenting a large number of brands and product SKUs.

As a global company reliant on technology to service its customers, Mi Hub needs to adapt and evolve its e-commerce platform continuously to meet the ever-changing demands of its business, cater to customer requirements, and manage logistics.

Mi Hub’s IT team need to be flexible and responsive, and this requires scalable resources, specialised software developers, and expert software testers to accommodate projects, product updates, and business demands in multiple areas.


Propel Tech's mission was to seamlessly augment Mi Hub's team with skills that were unavailable in-house and to do so with high levels of communication, collaboration and trust. The Propel Tech team of software testers quickly integrated with Mi Hub's internal IT team, gaining a deep understanding of the technical and logistical aspects of the e-commerce platform.

Propel Tech's team worked within tight timeframes to successfully deliver support across all development requirements including specialised custom software enhancements and new e-commerce features, all with rigorous test cycles and detailed test exit reports to ensure systems changes were bug-free and right the first time.


Having access to additional specialist software testing skills and testing strategy expertise allows Mi Hub to respond quickly and without compromise - developing new features smoothly and responding to business requirements and market demands flexibly.

As a team, Propel Tech focused on the importance of deadlines and even went above and beyond to ensure a crucial early January launch date was met by working over the Christmas period.

Since working with Propel to augment their IT team The Mi Hub e-commerce platform, which handles a high volume of traffic daily, has evolved and at each stage of change, it has remained resilient in delivering uninterrupted efficient operations end-to-end.

Future Plans:
Mi Hub intends to continue leveraging Propel Tech's software testing expertise for large-scale software development projects and specialised skills. Additionally, they are exploring automation of testing, continuous integration, and continuous testing for upcoming deliveries.

"Propel Tech augments our team and integrates seamlessly with our daily stand-ups. They provide a skill set that complements our internal resources. Their team's exceptional training, product engagement, and continuity of service between team members have been invaluable."

Richard Conti - Head of Group IT


  • Testing
  • Team Augmentation


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • AWS
  • Azure Cloud
  • Postgres

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