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Web and mobile applications with slick functionality and optimised user experience

At Propel Tech, our in-house software development team has vast experience in JavaScript application development. We've worked on projects with a wide range of businesses. We can help you create an impactful experience for your customers that will increase engagement and improve business performance.

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We’re ready to hear about your JavaScript project goals and turn them into reality. Get a free consultation to make tech possible.

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Alongside crafting JavaScript development solutions, we work across a wide range of sectors. By providing software development solutions, we help businesses evolve.

Delivering the right business outcomes

As a skilled JavaScript development company, we’re tuned into all the benefits and pitfalls of different technologies and solutions.

With the exponential increase in JavaScript’s popularity, there are often many solutions to the same problem and a vast array of tools to choose from. Our JavaScript experts can help you identify the right tools and solutions to ensure you get the very best design and performance and a more robust system, without the need for expensive and complicated reworks.

As the most commonly used programming language, JavaScript is powerful and flexible across a variety of cross-platform situations, from web applications and mobile apps to server software.

JavaScript development solutions

digital transformation


Develop a new JavaScript application

Our JavaScript experts are adept at crafting custom solutions from the ground up. Whether you have a groundbreaking concept or a unique business need, we have the skills and creativity to develop a new JavaScript application that aligns perfectly with your vision. Our transformative approach is rooted in years of experience and a deep understanding of JavaScript's potential.

application modernisation


Modernise a JavaScript application

We understand that technology never stands still. If you have an existing JavaScript application that needs a fresh lease on life, we're here to help you modernise it. Our expertise in JavaScript modernisation allows us to breathe new life into your applications. This helps to ensure they remain relevant and efficient in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

software project rescue


Rescue a JavaScript development project

Our rescue service is designed to salvage projects that need a turnaround. We assess your project's situation, identify bottlenecks, and implement effective solutions. We understand that unforeseen issues can arise, but we also believe that every setback presents an opportunity for a comeback. When you choose to rescue with us, you're opting for a dedicated team that will work tirelessly to revitalise your project.

hire javascript resources


Access dedicated JavaScript resources

Our resource service is tailored to provide you with the skilled professionals required to bolster your development efforts. Whether you're looking for a single JavaScript developer or an entire team, we are on hand to help. Our experts seamlessly integrate with your existing project, bringing their knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm to enhance your development process.

Why work with Propel for JavaScript development?

Propel Tech works with JavaScript solutions on a regular basis. Regardless of the industry or sector, we can help:

In-house software developers

Our in-house software development team brings experience in JavaScript application development. We've successfully executed projects across a wide spectrum of industries, giving us a deep understanding of diverse needs and challenges.

Specific solutions

We understand that every project is unique. We can help create a web application, modernise an existing one, or rescue a stalled development project. Our team is here to tailor solutions that align perfectly with your business goals.

Various platforms

JavaScript's cross-platform capabilities are at the core of our expertise. We can develop applications that seamlessly run on both web and mobile platforms. This helps to ensure a consistent and user-friendly experience for your audience.

Strategic guidance

Our team can not only solve software problems but also help you manage change and drive growth, ensuring your business thrives in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Other technologies we work across

We develop apps and solutions across a range of technologies. Our team of experts is well-versed in the following platforms and tools:

Simply Washroom Case Study
Featured Case Study

Systems modernisation and improvement

  • Audit existing system
  • Streamline, fix and improve
  • Extending functionality
  • Improving speed and efficiency
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Your partners in possibilities

As experts across existing and new technologies, we don’t simply solve software problems, we find solutions that help manage change so that your business thrives and grows.

We’re eager to hear about your project goals and turn them into reality. Get a free consultation to make tech possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

JavaScript is highly versatile. This allows us to develop a wide range of applications. We can create interactive websites, web applications, and progressive web apps (PWAs) for the web platform. For mobile, our expertise extends to building cross-platform apps using technologies like React Native and NativeScript. This ensures your application works seamlessly on both web and mobile platforms, offering a unified user experience while reducing development costs and time-to-market. Whether you need a responsive website or a feature-rich mobile app, we've got you covered with JavaScript.

We've had the privilege to collaborate with a diverse array of industries. One notable case study involves Simply Washrooms, who have been creating safe and sustainable working environments for over 20 years. We audited their existing JavaScript system to highlight areas for improvement. Then, streamlined their software and extended functionality, resulting in improved speed and efficiency. We can tailor our JavaScript software solutions to any industry.
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