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Systems integration services

Improving the efficiency and productivity of your business

As a company grows, its systems expand and evolve with it. This growth can result in unexpected issues due to the changes and additions made over time. That's where our expertise as a leading systems integration company comes into play.

We specialise in harmonising the intricate web of software elements to ensure seamless communication. This boosts efficiency and effectiveness. With a team of seasoned developers, testers, managers and technologists, we collaborate closely with our clients. Our aim is to provide systems integration services that enhance business processes, leading to improved control and greater transparency across applications. At Propel Tech, we transform system complexity into simplicity, creating clarity and business success.

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As well as our expertise in system’s integrations, we also offer a range of software development services. Contact us today to propel your business forward.

Our systems integration services

We offer a comprehensive range of system integration services. Each is designed to add value to business processes, make software operations more efficient and move business forward.

Application programming interface (APIs)

We collect real-time data from APIs and transform it into valuable information that companies can use to improve business outcomes.

Email marketing and CRM

We integrate email marketing and CRM platforms to allow businesses to gain a competitive advantage. Whether they’re collecting leads, managing sales pipelines, onboarding customers or building relationships.

Third party integration

We seamlessly connect third-party software to existing applications for greater reliability and improved security.

Accounting integration

We can make business-critical accounting and financial reporting data available across IT systems and applications.

"Leveraging the latest technology to extend our bespoke systems and business applications through new device platforms—such as mobile—will help our customer organisations work smarter, while capitalising on the digital transformation trend."

Tony McCann – Head of IT, Your Move

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The advantages of our systems integration services:

The benefits go beyond technology integration, they transform the way your business operates. Here's a closer look at what you can expect from our expert system’s integration solutions:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved workflow
  • Better customer service
  • Reduced internal administration
  • Insightful data analytics to inform strategic business decisions

How we tackle system integration challenges


Our systems integration specialists develop solutions to ensure that all software elements communicate seamlessly together.


By identifying where problems lie in current networks, we develop system integration solutions that reduce disruption caused by systems and data in different places.

Data errors

We identify and eliminate costly data errors which may impact your company.


By streamlining business operations, we give greater control of applications, providing company-wide benefits.


By creating a truly integrated system, our specialists improve speed and efficiency, which in turn reduces operational costs.

Our approach

Our team of highly skilled developers will first get to know and understand your business and its legacy systems. Using what they’ve learnt, they’ll then develop an integrated solution which provides the functionality you need to meet your goals.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

We ensure your integrated system is more efficient and effective.


Your integrated system is designed to be secure, safeguarding sensitive data.


We centralise your systems for streamlined operations and data management.

Permissions Control

Access is restricted to authorised personnel only.

Performance Evaluation

The final system is assessed based on its ability to achieve several important goals. This includes productivity improvement, cost reduction, and, ensuring you remain competitive in your industry.

Client Satisfaction

Our ultimate goal is to create a system that excels in these areas, providing you with a solution that meets your needs and expectations.


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LSL Case Study
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Improving internal and external user experience

  • Bespoke conveyancing management system
  • Integration with key internal systems
  • User-friendly compliant solution
  • Improved efficiency and reporting
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As experts across existing and new technologies, we don’t simply solve software problems, we find solutions that help manage change so that your business thrives and grows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A common example of system integration is the integration of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with an internal sales system. In this scenario, the CRM system, which stores customer contact information and interaction history, is integrated with a sales platform to streamline communication and improve fluency with the client. Have a look at the LSL Property Services PLC case study which highlights our approach to this situation.

Systems integration significantly enhances customer experience and satisfaction. It enables seamless communication across various departments, ensuring that customer data and insights are readily available to those who need them. This efficiency results in quicker and more effective interactions, where customers don't need to repeat information. Integrated systems also facilitate personalisation, allowing businesses to tailor their marketing and support efforts to individual customer needs and preferences. Ultimately, this leads to a more efficient, responsive, and satisfying experience for customers, which can boost loyalty and brand reputation.
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