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As an independent software testing company, we work in partnership with you, taking a collaborative approach to achieve the best results with speed and efficiency, to optimise the quality, performance and security of your business software. Our multi-disciplined test team provide testing consulting, QA and testing services based on your business goals and requirements. We define and implement quality assurance testing strategies, using our experience in automated testing services and manual testing techniques, load testing, performance testing, and usability testing to deliver business value.

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Software testing business challenges

Meeting urgent deadlines

Our team of experts will ensure that your software is achieving all its goals and providing a seamless user experience.

Lack of internal resource

Think of our team as an extension of yours. They’ll work alongside your in house IT department, concentrating on the task at hand without the problem of being sidetracked by day-to-day issues.

Specialist skill set not available in house

We can provide the specialist skills needed for a job well done without delay.

Biased views

Our team is 100% impartial which gives them the freedom to perform unbiased software testing that is accurate as well as precise.

Problems with the SDLC

If there’s a problem in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) our specialist team will plan, create and apply the right solution.

Our software testing services

As software testing experts, our team is highly experienced and highly trained across all forms of development and testing, including mobile testing. We understand the importance of enhancing customer experience and offer a full suite of bespoke software testing services to optimise the quality, performance and security of your business software.

QA consultancy

Here, one of our highly skilled QA consultants will expertly evaluate your existing testing processes and help improve the SDLC.

Usability testing

For complete peace of mind, we’ll provide objective, user-focused testing to certify your software meets the exacting quality that users expect.

Functional / system testing

We expertly test your software to ensure it meets defined specifications and end-user expectations following a waterfall or agile testing methodology. Our range of in-depth assessments include exploratory or scripted testing as well as Web and Mobile app testing.

Compatibility testing

We’ll perform detailed cross-browser desktop and mobile app testing. The compatibility tests will include manual testing on Android and iOS devices in real environments.

Automation testing

Here, we’ll create and maintain your automation framework. This includes developing a continuous manual and automated test strategy to reduce time and cost.

Regression testing

Following updates to your software, it’s essential to ensure it's running as it should be. We can run manual or automated regression tests to ensure everything is good to go before live deployment.

API testing

We’ll test Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to prove their functionality, reliability, performance and security when the Graphical User Interface (GUI) is not available.

Mobile app testing

As experts in our field, we can provide the specialist testing required for mobile app developments.

Defect management

For complete confidence in your software, our team will employ the latest defect management tools to effectively monitor and find issues that occur during a project’s life-cycle.

Our approach

We don’t treat software testing as an ‘add-on’, but as an integral part of the software development process. We use the ‘shift left’ approach, ensuring quality assurance is embedded at each stage of the software development lifecycle. It’s why our software testing services deliver truly integrated digital solutions at high quality and velocity.

We believe in taking an insight-driven approach to provide the services that are right for your individual project and needs. To achieve this our team will work with you to understand and agree your project, its goals, your timeline and any areas of concern. They’ll then provide a bespoke strategy featuring a detailed plan that defines the best testing approach to suit your application and business objectives. This advisory-led approach means we can provide the right choice of software and application testing service for your specific project.

As an independent software testing company, and Silver Partner for the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), we have the flexibility to follow a waterfall, agile or more ad-hoc testing methodologies. To support your specific needs, our specialised team can work either as an extension of your inhouse testing function or independently, performing all tasks required while providing regular reports on their progress.

Extensive test lab

We can perform lab tests which allow us to organise test cycles for speedier and more accurate testing.

No emulators or device cloud environments

Like you, we want all tests to be accurate and precise. Which is why we never use emulators or device cloud environments which cannot replicate real-world tests.

Testing on real devices and desktop machines

Simulations are all well and good, but it’s vital to perform real-world tests with the same tech that users are going to be operating.

Clear and transparent reporting

You’ll receive regular updates at every stage of different testing processes for peace of mind that your project is on track and on schedule.

Software testing service benefits

Our Software Testing Services give you these benefits:

High-quality software

Thanks to our highly experienced test engineers and their sector-based expertise, backed by pride in what they do and understanding of the importance of performance, reliability and security, you’re assured Propel will only sign off on the highest quality software.

On-time releases

We understand the need to reduce time to market. So, whatever the project, we are committed to it’s given the same commitment to testing at pace without any loss in quality.

Optimised testing costs

Our flexible approach, prioritisation of testing activities and unification of test automation tools, ensures testing costs are fully optimised.

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