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Powerleague - Real-Time Player Focused Website

The Powerleague website was dated and did not offer any real-time interaction with the players and limited the services and booking journeys available to them.

Propel was engaged to work with a third-party design agency selected by Powerleague, with the view to implementing the designs and integrating the website directly with Powerleague's back-office systems. The project included the development of a customer portal incorporating a Content Management System for the internal marketing team and direct integrations with the back-office system we already supported. Additional back office development work was done to extend its APIs to allow the website to be used for all bookings and give players access to all the information in their accounts.

The project resulted in a large increase in sales and bookings for Powerleague, player engagement increased, marketing could launch promotions much quicker and an unexpected bonus of aggregator sites could also use the APIs to increase third-party bookings.

The project was also featured in NET magazine.