Step-by-step guide to migrating providers

It's always best to try and make any existing relationships work before changing suppliers. However, if it comes to a point of risk, or possible cost to your business, then taking the plunge to find a new bespoke software supplier needs careful planning and execution. We called upon David Ritchie and Andy Brown, owners of Propel Tech, to share their expert advice on how you can minimise disruptions and achieve maximum impact when you change your bespoke software supplier.

1. Clearly define requirements and objectives

Before making the switch, clearly define your requirements and objectives for the new support and delivery partner. Identify the specific issues with the current partner and outline the improvements you expect from the new one.

2. Research and shortlist potential partners

Conduct thorough research to identify potential support and delivery partners that align with your requirements. Consider their experience, expertise, client reviews, and industry reputation.

3. Assess compatibility and communication

Schedule meetings or calls with the shortlisted partners to assess their compatibility with your team and organisation. Ensure effective communication and collaboration are possible.

4. Plan the transition process

Create a detailed transition plan that outlines the steps, timeline, and responsibilities for both your team and the new partner. Include milestones and key performance indicators to track progress.

5. Plan data and knowledge transfer

Ensure smooth data and knowledge transfer from the current partner to the new one. Provide comprehensive documentation and organise knowledgesharing sessions.

6. Conduct training and onboarding

Train your team on the new processes, tools, and systems introduced by the new partner. This will help your team adapt quickly and utilise the new partnership effectively.

7. Test and validate

Conduct thorough testing and validation of the new partner's services before going live. Identify and address any potential issues during this stage.

8. Gradual rollout

Consider a gradual rollout instead of an abrupt switch. Start with a pilot project or a limited scope to assess the new partner's performance and make adjustments if necessary.

9. Monitor performance and feedback

Regularly monitor the performance of the new support and delivery partner. Seek feedback from your team and stakeholders to ensure the partnership is delivering the expected impact.

10. Address challenges and make improvements

Address any challenges or issues that arise during the transition process promptly. Be open to making improvements and adjustments to optimise the partnership.

11. Celebrate success, set benchmarks, give feedback and continuously improve

Recognise and celebrate successes achieved through the new partnership. Continuously assess and improve the collaboration to maximise its impact on your organisation.

12. Make supplier change possible 

Propel Tech focuses on making tech possible for a wide range of clients and sectors, and to support this we have created this invaluable free guide, drawing upon the wisdom of our experienced team. 

Our goal is to empower you to kickstart your transition on the right note and steer it to success. Armed with our guide and downloadable resources, you'll have insight and tools to help you flawlessly review, plan and execute your next software supplier migration.

Let's make possibilities happen


Make successful provider migrations a possibility. Download our essential free guide.

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