How outsourced bespoke software adds value

Outsourcing aspects of your software and technology management can and should deliver significant value to businesses. Whether you are looking to migrate to achieve technology transformation or to keep your technology process optimised and efficient, the right technology partner matters.

When considering a partner you should look for the “right fit”. This fit needs to support your business objectives and skills requirements. There is no set checklist for how a software partner can add value, however, the following six areas provide a good framework to consider:

  1. Does your provider add vital specialist expertise? 

An outsourced service provider should deliver speedy access to experts in specific technology stacks, and bring project-ready software know-how to ensure you can maximise project deliverables - protecting against costly errors or lack of in-house specialist knowledge. In addition to software and technical know-how, an outsourced team will have experienced many different business scenarios and should also deliver exemplary business understanding to ensure any software or technology changes improve business functionality, and modernises systems and processes, and ultimately support broader business objectives. 

  1. Do they deliver proactive monitoring and easy issue resolution? 

Bespoke software support providers typically offer focused, proactive monitoring of your software. They are well-placed to monitor system performance, identify potential issues or vulnerabilities, and take preventive measures to mitigate risks. Any partner should have a clear scope and skill set they can use to independently and impartially offer the best advice and monitor software against industry standard measures. 

Your software partner should know what good looks like and what is feasible, and, as such, they should always detect and address problems before they escalate into significant disruptions. A proactive partner adds value by helping to minimise downtime, maximise performance and ensure smooth operations. 

  1. Can you rely on timely technical support? 

Software issues can arise at any time, and having access to focused technical support 24/7 is crucial to expediting the resolution of any software issues when they occur. Outsourced software support providers should add value with responsive support, and offer dedicated support teams available around the clock if required. Proactive prioritisation of issue resolution, clear management of requests and timely assistance are essential services that ensure that businesses can quickly overcome obstacles and minimise the impact on their operations.

  1. Do they work with you and support your scalability and flexibility requirements? 

As businesses grow and evolve, their software needs may change. Outsourced bespoke software support providers should adapt and flex their teams to meet your needs at speed. This could mean adding new specialist expert team members to handle increased workloads, or it could mean assigning team members to new scopes and projects to accommodate new features or modules or providing the necessary support during periods of expansion, growth or change. 

  1. Can you expect regular updates and maintenance? 

Software requires regular updates, patches, and maintenance to ensure optimal performance, security, and compliance. Outsourced software support providers should act to take care of these tasks, ensuring that new and legacy software remains up-to-date, working optimally and free from vulnerabilities. By delegating these responsibilities to an outsourced support provider, businesses unlock the value of their team to focus on other areas of the business.

  1. Are they agile and cost-effective? 

Investing in outsourced software support can also be very cost-effective for businesses. Instead of hiring, training and maintaining an in-house support team, or relying on one in-house expert to have large amounts of systems knowledge, which could result in systems knowledge leaving the business with that person. Businesses can leverage the expertise of an outsourced service provider at a fraction of the cost and spread the risk and leverage knowledge sharing. Additionally, outsourced bespoke software service providers can offer flexible pricing models, allowing businesses to pay for the support they need based on usage or specific service level agreements. This cost efficiency frees up resources that can be allocated to other critical areas of the business.

In summary, your software partner should add value by delivering vital expertise. 

By leveraging the support services of outsourced bespoke software developers, you should be able to find more value across your business, engage a wide number of technical and non-technical stakeholders, and move forward more effectively by optimising your software performance, minimising downtime, and ensuring smooth operations. If your bespoke software provider is not helping you in the above areas, and your technology is not moving forward at a pace right for your business, then it could be time to consider migrating to a new software partner and even relooking at your business's technology and software value focus.

“I find the best bespoke software suppliers are in tune with our needs, they are astute and take the time to get to know what we need and solve problems as part of the team, staying one step ahead to add value.” Simon Rose - Infrastructure Manger - Group IT - JCB

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