Streamlining and updating customer order processing

  • Updating and improving legacy systems
  • Bespoke new customer management functionality
  • Integration with key internal systems
  • User-friendly transparent solution


PDI offers world leading technical and training manual solutions across both printed and electronic formats. Having been established for over 20 years they have a global customer base.

As the sector they work in has changed and the complexity of training and technical manual requirements has grown, they needed an enhanced system that could cope with future needs and changing demands.

The challenge was to maximise their existing systems while looking at ways to build new systems that added functionality and business improvement -  streamlining the ordering and supply process, and providing a future-proofed technology base that could help automate and store documentation.  Part of the challenge was taking on an existing system with little documentation or support, and in doing so ensuring that any new features didn’t negatively impact any existing systems that were in place.


Propel Tech started by fixing issues in the existing system, this ensured that there was a good base to start from when looking at what additions or upgrades could be made.

Propel Tech then liaised closely with the client to map out what improvements would make the biggest impact on the business, the result was an automated API order system that clients could use to create and track their order. This could be supported by the PDI team and deliver full transparency of order status. Additionally, we improved ways of handling any 3rd party errors that had previously affected some areas of order processing - this allowed the team to be ahead of clients and ensure they were happy with the order process.


The improved system was more intuitive and easier to use, and offered transparency for all. It cost effectively reduced the need for manual intervention and it clearly flagged actions and provided a simple view of orders and any actions that the team needed to take - this vastly improved visibility across the business and in turn helped to ensure customers were kept in the loop regarding their order. The data for the system was also invaluable business intelligence that helped PDI plan ahead and improve wider business processes.  


  • Web applications
  • Consultancy
  • System integration
  • Project rescue


  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Javascript
  • Azure Cloud

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