How to develop a robust systems modernisation roadmap

When embarking on a systems modernisation project, best practice is for your technology partner to work with your strengths and start by extracting the most from your current IT infrastructure. They should look to create a personalised systems modernisation roadmap that will improve efficiency, aligned with your business goals and the challenges. This involves a thorough understanding of your legacy systems and how they can be leveraged to meet present and future business goals.

The following steps should be considered in designing a modernisation roadmap for your business:

  • Assessment
    The first step is to analyse the capacity of your existing systems and the skills your team possesses. This will help identify gaps in your skills and system’s capabilities, as well as the strengths that can be used in transforming your IT systems. This information is used to map out your workflow and define application standards.

  • Design
    Following analysis of your requirements, the work of setting-up and configuring your transformation begins, designing your remodelled applications, UI and UX to construct the system. This stage of the process is best developed in a bespoke fashion. Depending on your requirements, the systems development and software improvement phase may involve building new mobile apps or integrating new assets into your infrastructure.

  • Implementation
    The final stage is to set up your new environment, using an agile approach that coordinates implementation in incremental steps, enabling troubleshooting and problem solving at each stage. The initial step involves training and transfer of knowledge to your team so they have all the skills needed for a smooth transition.

In order for your team to hit the ground running and extract your new system’s full potential, your IT partners should provide comprehensive training support prior to implementation. Implementation itself needs careful management for new skills and assets to be seamlessly integrated with your existing and legacy systems.

Finally, a detailed change management process that considers your business requirements and minimises risk via a process of modelling, pre-testing and planned backups is required.

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