Creating stakeholder buy-in for new software projects

Getting buy-in from all stakeholders is crucial for any technology or software project. From decision maker approval to end user adoption its important to create a convincing business case and involve people in the process. Here are 6 tips to encourage stakeholder buy-in for software development and modernisation projects.

Start small

Business leaders may be resistant to change without a clear plan that minimises risk. So, don't leap in with a grand vision and expect immediate buy-in. Start small, seeking support and engaging potential stakeholders 'in principle' before working on the detail.

Engage stakeholders early

For any chance of success, enterprise business IT leaders must engage users and stakeholders from the start of the project to develop the strongest business case. Change management must be understood, mapped out and carefully planned for.

Structure & schedule

Businesses typically follow a multi-level decision-making process, with different management tiers requiring business case buy-in, followed by a board level review. We'll help ensure your project stays on track and that all stakeholders are on-board and aligned.

End-to-end management

Your project rests on its business case to ensure adoption and to achieve its aims. You need to establish a long-term view establishing a clear case for system development and ensure alignment with the desired criteria.

Agile approach

Our approach differs from traditional, sequential project management by progressing in incremental stages, and via independent workflows. This improves the project's responsiveness to unpredictability, ensuring stability should problems or delay occur.

Measuring value

Systems development adds considerable business value, but without tangible measurements this can go unnoticed by stakeholders. We guarantee accurate assessment of costs and timescale via robust management ensuring on-time and on-budget completion.

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