A day in the life of a graduate developer

Hasan joined the Propel Tech team as a graduate developer earlier this year, and since then he has grown to become a valued colleague who plays a key role in helping to deliver exceptional solutions for our clients.  

Here he tells us what he loves most about his job, which bits challenge him the most, and the advice he would give to himself six months ago… 

What is your proudest Propel Tech achievement to date?   

I'm particularly proud of my contribution to the successful implementation of APIs in the development of an app for one of our longstanding clients. It required creative problem-solving and collaboration with the team, drawing on the skills I've developed during my time at Propel Tech. 

Favourite thing about bespoke software?   

The tailor-made solutions we can provide to our clients. It's incredibly satisfying to see how our custom-built applications address specific needs and challenges, often providing a unique and efficient solution.  

How did you know you wanted to become a software developer?  

I’m a logical thinker and love solving problems, which naturally led me to explore programming and computing. I always found computers fun and engaging and wanted to expand my understanding, so I enrolled in a college course to study computing and I went on to achieve a degree at Huddersfield University.  

What does a typical working day look like for you?   

This involves a mix of coding, debugging, and collaborating with team members. Meetings for project updates and planning are interspersed with focused coding sessions. Adaptability is key as priorities can shift, and problem-solving is constant.  

Being a graduate means that I take every opportunity to learn and develop. I like to maintain a can-do attitude, focusing on the positives while taking on challenges with determination.  

What types of challenges do you have to deal with in your role?   

One common challenge is balancing the need for speed with the necessity of writing robust and maintainable code. Meeting tight deadlines while ensuring the quality of the software requires effective time management and a keen eye for detail.  

What programming languages do you use most often?   

At Propel Tech, we have a wide variety of languages that individuals and teams specialise in. My focus is Progress OpenEdge, an advanced business language used primarily for business applications and software, with a mix of front and backend capabilities.  

What do you like most about your job?   

The dynamic nature of the job is what I enjoy the most. Every project comes with its unique set of challenges, and the constant learning and problem-solving keep me engaged and motivated.  

One surprising thing you have learned since starting with Propel Tech 

I was pleasantly surprised by the level of collaboration within the team. The company encourages open communication and knowledge sharing, fostering a positive and innovative work environment. The atmosphere and culture are motivating and supportive.  

Who is your team leader and how much input do they have in your day-to-day work?   

Our team leader is Diego Aires. They provide guidance, support, and valuable insights, especially in challenging situations. While we have autonomy in our work, their input is crucial for ensuring alignment with overall project goals.  

What advice would you give yourself on your very first day at work based on what you know now?   

I would advise myself to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, seek feedback proactively, and never hesitate to collaborate with team members. Building strong relationships within the team is just as important as technical skills. Ensure that you ask questions about anything you don’t understand, be at ease, and enjoy the process and opportunities. Make it an enjoyable journey, you’re doing your best so keep at it. The future is bright, especially with technology.  


If you had to pick one, what's your favourite project or task you have been involved with so far?   

My favourite task so far has been the one involving the APIs. It involved developing a cutting-edge feature that significantly enhanced the user experience. It also allowed me to be more hands-on and produce organic code with the freedom to apply myself, figure out approaches, and work on my problem-solving mindset. I enjoy being lost in the code and then the rewarding feeling of completing the task, producing something worthwhile and of use to the client and the users.  

What advice or insight would you give to any person considering a career in software development?  

I would advise aspiring developers to focus on building a strong foundation in programming fundamentals. Stay curious and open to learning, and actively seek opportunities to work on real-world projects. The correct mindset is key, one where the idea is to grow while refining yourself, enhancing your abilities by doing lots of personal projects for fun, researching the business standard, and finding a harmonious balance of the two.  

Stay dedicated and the hard work will pay off, everything worthwhile in life takes time, effort, and dedication.   

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